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Air Namibia
Country : NA
> DeparturesFlightDestinationTime
MondaySW741Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (BW)08:00
MondaySW703Cape Town Int. Airport (ZA)09:30
MondaySW723OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)11:10
MondaySW715Rooikop Airport (NA)14:36
MondaySW377Kenneth Kaunda Int. Airport (ZM)15:55
MondaySW727OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)16:45
MondaySW405Victoria Falls Airport (ZW)17:20
MondaySW729OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)17:40
MondaySW285Frankfurt am Main Airport (DE)21:45
TuesdaySW741Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (BW)08:50
TuesdaySW703Cape Town Int. Airport (ZA)09:40
TuesdaySW723OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)11:10
TuesdaySW715Rooikop Airport (NA)14:36
TuesdaySW415Harare International Airport (ZW)15:10
TuesdaySW727OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)16:25
TuesdaySW729OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)17:40
TuesdaySW285Frankfurt am Main Airport (DE)21:45
WednesdaySW741Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (BW)08:00
WednesdaySW703Cape Town Int. Airport (ZA)09:40
WednesdaySW723OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)11:10
WednesdaySW715Rooikop Airport (NA)14:36
WednesdaySW377Kenneth Kaunda Int. Airport (ZM)15:55
WednesdaySW727OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)16:35
WednesdaySW405Victoria Falls Airport (ZW)17:20
WednesdaySW729OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)17:40
WednesdaySW285Frankfurt am Main Airport (DE)21:45
ThursdaySW741Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (BW)08:50
ThursdaySW703Cape Town Int. Airport (ZA)09:40
ThursdaySW723OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)11:10
ThursdaySW715Rooikop Airport (NA)14:36
ThursdaySW405Victoria Falls Airport (ZW)16:40
ThursdaySW727OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)16:45
ThursdaySW729OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)17:40
ThursdaySW285Frankfurt am Main Airport (DE)21:45
FridaySW723OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)07:55
FridaySW741Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (BW)08:50
FridaySW703Cape Town Int. Airport (ZA)09:40
FridaySW403Victoria Falls Airport (ZW)10:30
FridaySW715Rooikop Airport (NA)14:36
FridaySW727OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)17:20
FridaySW729OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)17:40
FridaySW285Frankfurt am Main Airport (DE)21:45
SaturdaySW741Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (BW)08:35
SaturdaySW703Cape Town Int. Airport (ZA)09:40
SaturdaySW723OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)10:40
SaturdaySW715Rooikop Airport (NA)14:36
SaturdaySW377Kenneth Kaunda Int. Airport (ZM)14:40
SaturdaySW727OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)16:00
SaturdaySW405Victoria Falls Airport (ZW)16:20
SaturdaySW729OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)17:40
SaturdaySW285Frankfurt am Main Airport (DE)21:45
SundaySW723OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)07:45
SundaySW741Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (BW)08:40
SundaySW703Cape Town Int. Airport (ZA)09:30
SundaySW403Victoria Falls Airport (ZW)10:30
SundaySW715Rooikop Airport (NA)14:36
SundaySW727OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)17:20
SundaySW729OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)17:40
SundaySW285Frankfurt am Main Airport (DE)21:45
> ArrivalsFlightOriginTime
MondaySW722OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)08:35
MondaySW742Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (BW)15:07
MondaySW726OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)15:35
MondaySW714Rooikop Airport (NA)15:28
MondaySW378Kenneth Kaunda Int. Airport (ZM)20:31
MondaySW708Cape Town Int. Airport (ZA)20:35
MondaySW728OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)20:55
MondaySW406Victoria Falls Airport (ZW)20:40
MondaySW286Frankfurt am Main Airport (DE)06:23
TuesdaySW722OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)08:35
TuesdaySW726OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)15:20
TuesdaySW742Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (BW)15:45
TuesdaySW714Rooikop Airport (NA)15:28
TuesdaySW416Harare International Airport (ZW)19:40
TuesdaySW708Cape Town Int. Airport (ZA)20:35
TuesdaySW728OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)20:55
TuesdaySW286Frankfurt am Main Airport (DE)06:26
WednesdaySW722OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)08:35
WednesdaySW726OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)15:20
WednesdaySW742Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (BW)15:05
WednesdaySW714Rooikop Airport (NA)15:28
WednesdaySW708Cape Town Int. Airport (ZA)20:30
WednesdaySW378Kenneth Kaunda Int. Airport (ZM)20:38
WednesdaySW728OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)20:39
WednesdaySW406Victoria Falls Airport (ZW)20:40
WednesdaySW286Frankfurt am Main Airport (DE)06:20
ThursdaySW722OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)08:35
ThursdaySW726OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)15:20
ThursdaySW742Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (BW)15:45
ThursdaySW714Rooikop Airport (NA)15:28
ThursdaySW406Victoria Falls Airport (ZW)20:00
ThursdaySW708Cape Town Int. Airport (ZA)20:35
ThursdaySW286Frankfurt am Main Airport (DE)06:22
ThursdaySW728OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)23:34
FridaySW722OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)08:35
FridaySW726OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)13:39
FridaySW414Harare International Airport (ZW)16:25
FridaySW742Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (BW)15:45
FridaySW714Rooikop Airport (NA)15:28
FridaySW708Cape Town Int. Airport (ZA)20:20
FridaySW728OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)21:32
FridaySW286Frankfurt am Main Airport (DE)07:14
SaturdaySW722OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)08:35
SaturdaySW726OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)14:45
SaturdaySW742Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (BW)15:30
SaturdaySW714Rooikop Airport (NA)15:28
SaturdaySW378Kenneth Kaunda Int. Airport (ZM)19:25
SaturdaySW406Victoria Falls Airport (ZW)19:40
SaturdaySW728OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)20:20
SaturdaySW708Cape Town Int. Airport (ZA)20:35
SaturdaySW286Frankfurt am Main Airport (DE)06:37
SundaySW722OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)08:37
SundaySW726OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)12:58
SundaySW742Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (BW)15:45
SundaySW414Harare International Airport (ZW)16:56
SundaySW714Rooikop Airport (NA)15:28
SundaySW708Cape Town Int. Airport (ZA)20:35
SundaySW728OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)21:30
SundaySW286Frankfurt am Main Airport (DE)06:25
Disclaimer : the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
SW372 on 06/2019
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SW708 on 08/2018
SW728 on 08/2018
SW742 on 08/2018
SW716 on 08/2018
SW726 on 08/2018
SW728 on 08/2018
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